• Level requirement for XP boost has been decreased from 10 to 6.

• Adjust movement speed for many NPCs to make it more blizzlike.

• Nearby NPCs which are not engaged in combat will no longer heal your enemy.

• Added pre patch 1.3 holy spell damage enchantments.

• Implemented pre patch 1.4 spell damage and healing enchantments.

• The 'Dazed' effect caused by NPCs will now stack with all other movement slowing effects.

• Prevent auto attacking friendly targets after getting PvP flagged in Gurubashi Arena.

• Reset swing timer on shape shift.

• Focus regeneration should happen every 4 seconds instead of 2 (25 focus points per tick).

• Include absorbed damage in ignite calculations.

• Arcane missiles will no longer be overwritten by the same spell.

• Seal of the Crusader - Fixed an issue where attack speed was sped up but damage was not decreased.

• Mind Controlled Targets are no longer able to use Portals while under the effects of Mind Control

• Troll Priest's Shadowguard will no longer produce threat.

• Improve Infernal Summoning

• Doomguard has been rewritten and improved.

Blackrock Depths
• Added alternating spawns of shadowforge flame keeper.

• Placed missed Anvilrage Reservists.

• Added 3 more patrolling groups to the Lyceum.

• Fix Emperor Dagran Thaurissan loot table.

• Weapon Technician will no longer get stuck in a table.

Lower Blackrock Spire
• Added alternative spawn locations for Inconspicuous Documents.

Molten Core
• Added Gehennas' missing shadow bolt and andjust timers.

• Added more Dark Iron Deposit.

Upper Blackrock Spire
• Some loot tables has been refactored.

• Some loot tables has been refactored.

• Supply Crates has been removed until patch 1.10.

• Zum'rah is now attackable on aggro.

• Quest Arcane Feedback should be started by Priestess Alathea.

• Add pre-1.7 version of quest The Darkreaver Menace.

• Fixed hunter's Taming the Beast Quest pet despawn on hand in.

• Eris Havenfire will now drop combat on event end.

• Burning Felguard will no longer respawn right after he was looted.

• Nearby enemies don't attack Arko'narnin on escort start.

• It's now possible to complete quests in raidgroups until patch 1.3.

• The Enraged Panther is now attackable in quest Hypercapacitor Gizmo. #8

• Calvin Montague is now attackable in quest A Rogues Deal. #3

• Drakestone gave only 4 spell power before 1.4.

• Add missing loot for Battered, Strudy and Heavy Junkbox.

• Nerfed Bonereaver's Edge proc spell.

• Corrected Clutch of Andros' stats.

• Corrected Crown of the Penitent stats.

• Removed Empyrean Demolisher until patch 1.3.

• Removed Amberseal Keeper until patch 1.3.

• Removed Tome of Arcane Brilliance until patch 1.4.

• Removed Codex: Prayer of Shadow Protection until patch 1.10.

• Removed Dark Rune until patch 1.8.

• Removed Pristine Black Diamond until patch 1.3.

• Removed Soul Shard bags until patch 1.9.

• Removed Enchanting and herb bags until patch 1.10.

Items which has been removed due the fact that they are not patch appropriate will be restored on the specific patch!

Welcome to The Barrens, a PvE vanilla realm.

Hosted in Australia, The Barrens will provide a fresh experience for Oceanic players looking to relive the magic of vanilla progressively from Patch 1.2 to 1.12. After the completion of vanilla, we will launch TBC and continue forward into the first expansion.

While we strive to provide as accurate an experience as possible for players, there are a number of custom changes made to the server to provide you with the best experience.

Register an account now and join us on 20 June 2018 at 6PM AEST for our official launch. All players must read and agree to the rules in full before registering an account and playing on the server.

For announcements, information, and to chat with other The Barrens players, please join our Discord server.